The Origins of CleverTinman

The company was born from of a desire to draw for a living and built upon the skills developed through years of Art and Design education, Field Marketing and MARCOMs career experience.


My name is Graham Craig, and I am the founder and Creative Director of the CleverTinman company providing high quality Freelance Marketing Support & Creative Design to small and medium sized businesses.


The first question I often get asked is 'Where did the name come from?' Many names had been considered before stumbling upon the final title, I wanted a name that could be applied to a number of services and one that would stick in the mind of the customer. Inspiration eventually came from movie credits and the production company 'Bad Robot'. The name made a few cogs move and signalled my mouth to utter the words which now adorn various important documents, a website and numerous business cards.


The services provided by the CleverTinman are tailored to the requirements of the customer, whether you require a single piece of artwork or a period of Marketing Support, a great deal of pride and attention to detail will be attributed to achieve the best results. 


CleverTinman Logo Sketch
Graham Craig from CleverTinman

Profile of Graham Craig

Since a young age I have had a passion for Art & Design and a natural ability to draw. The desire to use my skills has influenced the decisions I have made throughout my life taking me to Art College and on to study Car Design at University.


I spent many years working in the Field Marketing industry managing Field Teams and working with the marketing departments of large global companies. During this period I learnt many new skills enabling me to better interact on a corporate level and a greater undertanding of the UK retail landscape.


In more recent years I have been directly involved with managing MARCOMs activities and developing new business tenders. Whilst working in this role it became apparent that my artistic and creative talents are very useful and the initial idea of starting a company specialising in this sector began.


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