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Original infinite Group Logo
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Refreshed infinite Field Marketing Logo


infinite Group Reboot Graphic by CleverTinman
infinite Group Division Logos by CleverTinman


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The initial redesign had an open brief, the key stakeholders wanted to see multiple logo ideas and creative thinking. Sketch ideas and concepts were discussed with the company CEO before being worked up and formally presented to the board of Directors. 


The final, chosen logo design was an evolution of the original, selected because of 9 years of customer association with the the shape and bold colours. The change of font reflected technology and more modern themes combined with metallic edging and rounded corners.


The second evolution, or 'Reboot' of the infinite logo and branding was required when the business expanded its service provisions and desired a new launch and refresh to accompany the changes.


The logo was 'deconstructed' in internal communications and press advertising to show an evolution was coming and subsequently rebuilt with subtle logo adjustments and a new layout.


New stationary, email signatures and easy to understand brand guidelines complemented each logo redesign allowing all of the business to utilse the correct logo in the right manner.