The 2018 LPS Events season required a refreshed set of finisher medals representing each specific event whilst clearly being part of an overall collection. The new series of medals use the LPS Events logo colour scheme to depict the type of event, Triathlon, Duathlon, Swim, Run or Cycle and present a bespoke illustration of the local area or prominent landmark.

With ‘free-reign’ to develop the LPS branding, whilst ensuring previous work was not made redundant, subtle changes to type-face and the style of illustrations allowed a cleaner, more modern feel to the new designs. The unique centre-piece graphic ties together other event branding elements such as banners, posters, social media images and website headers.

  • Medal Designs Unique artworks for a variety of Triathlon, Duathlon, Swimming, Running and Cycling events.
  • Date 2018
  • Client LPS Events