Richard Carter, Managing Director - hobsons|choice

"hobsons|choice have always outsourced Marketing due to the relatively low requirements previously placed upon the business area and the nature of how the company has gained work in the past through customer advocacy. In 2010 it was clear that the challenging economic climate required a greater level of Marketing focus to drive sales and increase customer awareness.


I chose to work with Graham from CleverTinman as he offered new ideas, strategy, a range of applicable skills and a fresh perspective which quickly enhanced and evolved the hobsons|choice Marketing provision. Since January 2011 he has worked on a number of key projects including the design and launch of the new website, opening and maintaining social media channels, ongoing management of press advertisements and the creation of an inspiring product brochure.


It has been refreshing to work with an outside contractor who does not need additional guidance to understand what is required of him and works in the best interests of my business. Graham has gone out of his way to ensure he has gained a thorough understanding of my company, our goals, our competitors and most importantly our customers. In doing so, I am always 100% confident that my investment in Graham represents a sound business choice and crucially, value for money. By providing hobsons|choice with both Marketing and Graphical Design skills I have an extremely capable, and complete solution that is cost effective and regularly goes that extra mile to ensure that we are being promoted in the best possible way."

Phil Woods-Hanson, New Business Director - infinite Group

"I have worked alongside Graham for a number of years now and his ability to interpret, decipher and deliver high level impactful presentation content is second to none! He adds the finishing touch and flair to our presentations with ease and on time!


I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his services to any like minded business that wants to stand out from the crowd!

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